District Membership

Membership in the SDSMA includes automatic membership in one of 12 district medical societies. Being an active part of your local district gives members a great opportunity to network with local colleagues and impact health care in your home area. Many leadership opportunities are available within your local district.

District medical society membership is determined geographically, generally by where the physician lives, and dues amounts vary. 

There are 12 district medical societies which comprise the SDSMA.

Aberdeen District Medical Society
President - Arlin M. Myrmoe, MD
Vice President - Thomas L. Luzier, MD
Secretary-Treasurer: Arlin M. Myrmoe, MD


District 7 (Sioux Falls) Medical Society 
President -  Jennifer J. Tinguely, MD, MPH
Vice President - Susan M. Anderson, MD
Secretary-Treasurer - Brady Stocklin, MD

Watertown District Medical Society 
President - Daniel Flaherty, MD
Vice President - Hollis Nipe, MD
Secretary-Treasurer - Jeffrey S. Brindle, MD


Yankton District Medical Society
President - Yorell Manon-Matos, MD
Vice President - Mary J. Milroy, MD
Secretary - Victoria Walker, MD
Treasurer - Amy M. Eichfeld, MD

Madison-Brookings District Medical Society
President - Kenric Malmberg, MD
Vice President - Andrew Ellsworth, MD
Secretary-Treasurer - Jill Kruse, DO


Black Hills Medical Society
President - Stephan J. Miller, MD
Vice President - Kimberly J. Goble, MD
Secretary -Treasurer - Angela K. Anderson, MD

Pierre District Medical Society
President - Noel D. Chicoine, MD
Vice President - Thomas H. Huber, MD
Secretary/Treasurer - Robert L. Allison, MD


Rosebud District Medical Society
President - Tony Berg, MD
Secretary-Treasurer - Mary Carpenter, MD

Huron District Medical Society
President - Robert C. Hohm, MD
Vice President - Stephan D. Schroeder, MD


Northwest District Medical Society
President - 
Vice President - Josh Henderson, DO
Secretary-Treasurer -

Mitchell District Medical Society
President - Xenofon Papadopoulos, MD
Vice President - Tracey Cao, MD
Secretary-Treasurer - Jessica Claussen, MD


Whetstone Valley District Medical Society
President -
Vice President -
Secretary-Treasurer -

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