Bought on internet – 0.1%
More than one doctor – 1.6%
Drug dealer/stranger – 3.9%
Other – 4.9%
Bought/took from friend/relative – 14.8%
One doctor – 19.1%
Free from friend/relative – 55.7%
Of those that received free from a friend/relative, 80.7% came from one doctor.

Enough narcotics were prescribed to South Dakotans in 2012 to medicate every South Dakota adult around-the-clock for nearly two weeks.

SDSMA Whitepaper – Opiate Analgesics for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain 
Checklist for Prescribing Opiates for Chronic, Non-Cancer Pain
Algorithm for Pain Management 
CDC – Calculating Daily Dose of Opioids for Safer Dosage
Opioid Dose Calculator 
Sample Patient/Provider Agreement
Provider’s Toolkit
Provider Educational Opportunities 
Prescription Drug Storage & Disposal
Drug Addiction Services & Treatment 
South Dakota Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and submitting a query
SDSMA Legal Brief – Controlled Substances 
SDSMA Legal Brief – Drug Use and Diversion
SDSMA Legal Brief – Dispensing Controlled Substances and Packaging
South Dakota Codified Law - Standards for Medical Records When Prescribing Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Chronic, Non-Cancer Pain