2019 SDSMA Awards

Nominations are now being accepted!

Distinguished Service Award
Outstanding Young Physician Award
Community Service Award
Young at Heart Award
Richard P. Holm, MD, Media Award

Nominate a physician or supporter today! 

Each year the SDSMA presents awards to honor physician members and supporters for their contributions to health care, service to patients, dedication to improving medicine in South Dakota and service to the SDSMA. 

Please consider nominating physicians and other supporters who are deserving of recognition.   

An individual may work right alongside of you, or serve on a committee with you, or volunteer in your organization or community, or have made a significant impact in the medical profession. 

Help your colleagues get the recognition they deserve and complete a nomination form. Many South Dakota physicians and supporters of the medical community go unrecognized. Nominate them today! Recipients will be announced at the banquet held in conjunction with the SDSMA Annual Leadership Conference on May 31, 2019. 

It's easy!
Just submit a nomination statement and, if you wish, supporting materials. Nominations must come from a current SDSMA member or group of members. 

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  • Complete your nomination statement, and submit any supporting materials, no later than March 1, 2019.

  • If you wish to complete a printed/written nomination, click here for a printable form

About the SDSMA Awards Categories:

Distinguished Service Award: This award is presented to an SDSMA physician member or layperson who has contributed outstanding service to medicine in South Dakota.

Community Service Award
: This award is presented to an SDSMA physician member who has demonstrated exemplary involvement in community affairs in South Dakota.

Young at Heart Award: This award is presented annually by the SDSMA to honor physician members who have helped young physicians as a mentor, role model, and leader as they have started their career. This award recognizes physicians who have encouraged young physicians to assume leadership roles, get involved in organized medicine or community projects, or guide them in starting a new practice and survive the day-to-day experiences of practicing medicine. Physicians eligible for this award must be: over the age of 40; in practice for at least five years.

Outstanding Young Physician Award
: This award is presented to an SDSMA physician member under 40 years of age or within their first eight years of professional practice after residency or fellowship training. The recipient will have shown outstanding achievements in the area of dedication and service to community as well as contributions to the medical society, such as through local, state or national organizations. 

Richard P. Holm, MD, Media Award: This award is presented annually to recognize outstanding medical and health care reporting, coverage, or promotion in the media.

Selection Process

Nominations submitted to the SDSMA office must come from current SDSMA members or a group of members, and will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility. SDSMA staff are not eligible for these awards. The nomination deadline is March 1, 2019. Following review by the SDSMA staff and the SDSMA Committee on Ethics & Judicial Affairs, nominations are presented to the SDSMA Policy Council for a vote in each category. Award recipients will be announced at the Presidential Banquet held in conjunction with the SDSMA Annual Leadership Conference on May 31, 2019

Past Award Recipients

For a complete list, contact the SDSMA office

Distinguished Service Award
2018 Laura A. Davis-Keppen, MD
2017 Richard P. Holm, MD
2016 John R. Oliphant, MD
2015 Keith A. Hansen, MD
2014 Donald W. Humphreys, MD
2013 Rodney Parry, MD
2012 Stephan D. Schroeder, MD
2011 James R. Reynolds, MD
2010 Lars Aanning, MD
2009 William C. Fuller, MD
2008 John E. Rittmann, MD
2007 Patrick S. McGreevy, MD
2006 Robert R. Raszkowski, MD; Mary S Carpenter, MD
2005 Lucio N. Margallo, II, MD

Community Service Award
2018 David A. Shields, MD
2017 Julie T. Raymond, MD
2016 Mark L. Harlow, MD; Patricia A Peters, MD
2015 Gene F. Burrish, MD
2014 Martin J. Christensen, MD
2013 Al Lawrence, MD
2012 Robert McWhirter, MD
2011 Christopher Dietrich, MD
2010 E. Paul Amundson, MD
2009 Lee M. Mabee, MD
2008 Mary Milroy, MD
2007 Walter O. Carlson, MD
2006 Lori A. Strong, MD
2005 Terry Graber, MD

Young at Heart Award
2018 Debra Johnston, MD
2017 David P. Munson, MD
2016 David W. Bean, Sr, MD
2015 Thomas J. Huber, MD
2014 Gary L. Timmerman, MD
2013 Wendell W. Hoffman, MD
2012 No award given
2011 Jennifer Olson, MD
2010 Mel Wallinga, MD
2009 Lee Mabee, MD
2008 John Barker, MD
2007 Michael Olson, MD
2006 David W. Bean, MD
2005 Richard Honke, MD

Outstanding Young Physician Award
2018 Michael Huot, MD
2017 Nathan J. Miller, MD
2016 Jennifer J. Tinguely, MD
2015 Benjamin C. Aaker, MD
2014 Shawn D. Van Gerpen, MD
2013 John Berdahl, MD
2012 Jeremy Beireis, MD
2011 Michael M. Johnson, MD
2010 Suzanne D. Reuter, MD
2009 Christopher Dietrich, MD
2008 Allison Wierda Suttle, MD
2007 Joy Falkenburg, MD
2006 Karl J. Blessinger, MD
2005 Rochelle Christensen, MD; Matt N. Bien, MD 

Richard P. Holm, MD, Media Award

2018 Kenneth A. Bartholomew, MD
2017 Cara Hamilton, MD
2016 Keith A. Hansen, MD
2015 Stephen G. Eckrich, MD
2014 Richard P. Holm, MD
2013 Wendell W. Hoffman, MD
2012 James Young, MD; Joanna Mueller
2011 Nancy Naeve Brown
2010 Megan Myers
2009 H. Bruce Vogt, MD; Keith Hansen, MD
2008 Brett Lawlor, MD
2007 William Cohen, MD
2006 Marvin Buehner, MD
2005 Joy Falkenburg, MD